Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hello, My Name is:

...Olivier Ozoux

I just joined the group, and I was asked to introduce myself, so there it is. My usual introduction/bio goes something like this:
Working in the Film Visual Effects, Animation and Game industries since 1989, I'm left handed and currently live and work in Los Angeles with my wife and our two robot dogs. I'm also the Director of Technology at Meemle, a company specializing in mobile applications for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

When I'm not working, I carry around a black sketchbook with rounded corners, an elastic closure and a handy inner pocket. You can see some of my work on Flickr.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Roberts Moly

So , I'm ready. I had worked in the last days with Roberts portrait. As I wrote before I wanted to try acrylics. I was inspired by the nice works from Ramires and Tim.
I started painting a middle tone background and from them working the dark and light areas. I struggled with the tecnic but I 'm quite happy with the result. I was really surprice! I guess I made many mistakes by working but I learned a lot with them to. The good thing about acrylic is that you can always paint over it.
I left the painting to rest for a few days and then I make some corrections I found appropiate. (I watched on a mirror and also compare the photo with the drawing backwards) I draw myself with a golden caligraphic marker and made some skratches with a cutter to get Roberts beard.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


i received [omar]'s moly today :)
the drawings in his book are just beautiful!
i am excited to sketch some ideas!!!!

i was really busy this week :(
i was not able to send the moly to Suzette yet :/
and i am going back to michigan next week
so...i will send suzette's moly to suzette in a two weeks!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Yelnoc's Book Making Of - The last (I promisse)

 And a little preview over my "test jap fold"...
I purposely wanted to do a dark piece, with little contrast and definition, it talks something about my last weeks.
Well, some small details will be made directly in the book shipped by Dana during assembly.

Roberts Moly

So I started working as soon as Ramires told me the idea. First of all I choose a picture
I will work with that one with robert and his son on the mirror but just a close up of the face.
second I did some sketches over cardboard. I like to work over cardboard, the brown backgroud serves a middle tone and creates more dramatic effetc working over with black and white colours. I though about a dark background that now that I know that ramires is also using a dark grey i will try to make it similar. the dificulty maybe in this portrait is how to include myself in it. But the white marker gave me the idea to make just a siluete of myself, but I still have not decide from wich image. Then I tried some of this Gold Callygraphy marker and it is wonderful....I make some lines, simulating constellations and geometry patterns, I added also numbers and symbols. I am still playing arround with the idea. Next step will be to use some pages from a Moly I got home to start working the portrait. I will like to try (since I still have time) with acrylics, but since I still don't feel sicure with them, at the end I could choose something else.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Robert's Book - MO 2

Maybe the x-ray is the most honest and deeper self portrait I can imagine :-) Here are some photos of how it is possible to play using transparencies and shadows on an x ray film.

New Photos

I've been actively posting new photos for reference uses on my flickr, but I just recently posted new pictures of my EVEN SHORTER hair.

Thought some folks might be interested in having a look. More to come, I'm sure haha!

Robert's Book... Making of

To avoid wasting the voyage time of the Robert's book between Dana and myself, I decided to use some time last Saturday to do my part. 
And as in a surrealistic history the book is ready even before arriving here :-))
When the book gets here I can use only a few hours doing the assembling and sending the book to Omar. He is now also doing something similar (yes we have a small conspiracy in favor of speed  :-))) so that the book will be even  richer for the exhibit at Minnesota Center for Book Arts (MCBA).  
Omar also will not stay that long without seeing a book, so I imagine that this will keep everyone happy.
We've done the accounts during the weekend and we believe that this way the book reaches Marty Harris before the end of November (Using express shippment).

Is it a bit daring and challenging? Yessss, we are artists !!! :-)))

Now and in the coming days I will publish photos of the whole process and this might be interesting to see how I create and produce these small jobs in his books :-) And how is this fun for me :-))

1- The first step is the idea, it seems too obvious, but I always like to think of ideas that fit in the available time, in this case was within a day.  
I also decided to make his portrait on the original moleskine paper, so cut out a page from an old notebook (the paper is thin and easy to assemble later). At this stage I choose the photo and other references that I'll use.
I wanted to use acrylics in Robert's portrait, but to my self portrait I thought of something to express some of my current "blue feelings" and I decided to use an x-ray film to make a collage. 
I cut the Robert's picture in the same proportion of moleskine page, it is helpful to use the photo as reference
2 - The choice of x-ray film for my self portrait determined the color palette for the Robert's portrait. 
Basically it's almost a black and white" palette , but I do not use black on my palette, my gray is born from the breaking complementary colors (in the middle of the plate). In that case I used Prussian blue, burnt sienna and a little bit of red oxide.This approaching cold gray tones of a  x-ray film . (I took these from the same color palette study of a larger work I am doing).
Tomorrow I'll tell you more :-))

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ugh. . .

So, I got a message from Ramires on facebook that made me realize that it's time for me to send the two books that I have on to the next person and leave the group. I'm really dissappointed in myself for not keeping up with this. You are all talented artists, and I want to apologize to you all if I've waisted any of your time. Hopefully in the future I will be able to prioritize better and follow through. Until then, I hope you all make beautiful drawings for each other! Thanks for being patient with me.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The one that got away...

I had great expectations on Dana's moly.

I was going to change Dali's Galatea of the Spheres
to have Dana's portrait instead of Gala's. I worked on a sketch of this for some time and I just don't think it's going to come together. The "portrait" part of this sketch was just a really quick sketch to see if I could match things up to the spheres. I put enough effort into this and am not happy with the it that I think I'll focus on something different. The scanner didn't pick it up well since it was done with a 6B pencil (very light), but you can get the gist of it.

chart october

A lot of movement in the last days. Danica got Tim's Moly,
Heidi sent her new address to Robert. so I guess my Moly will be on her way soon.
Heidi finished Suzette Moly .
Robert Moly is on her way to Ramires.
Dana got Heidi's Moly.
and Robert is working on Dana's


I sent out Robert's book to Ramires today! AND lucky me not to skip a beat, I got Heidi's moly from Danica today as well! It is BEAUTIFUL! My boyfriend took a look and said, "WOW you have your work cut out for you..." because of so many good entries!

Happy Sweetest Day everyone :) I will get to work on this one asap!

yesterday I got Tim's Moly from Omar :) It's safe in Bratislava. Enjoy the rest of the weekend! ^^

Friday, October 15, 2010

about me

i am pretty sure people are wondering what i do for my life!
since i am on this, i decided to write about myself :)

i am still in college ;-;
i go to school in detroit, michigan for art school!
currently, i am studying in industrial design aka product design.

here's my sketches:

i do this!

but i also draw :)

i should be on my way to graduate......
but i took an year long internship at GE, louisville, KY
so i sketch appliances...loL

i move alot.... hopefully i will end up in coool place :)

Sorry everyone for my lack of communications :/
for my next moly, i will try to reach my deadline! :)


sorry everyone!
i finally finished suzette's moly :)
i just had to draw a picture of her kitty and herself!
now they are ready to go!
so wait...who am i suppose to send this to now?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Robert's Moly: Finally Finished.

Alright Gang I must say I indeed struggled with this one a lot. I browsed through Robert's photos got a good idea right away of drawing him holding an open moly with my portrait in it and sketched his portrait in pencil and it looked perfect! I was thrilled... but as I started adding details with pen and marker I made the mistake of 1. adding too much detail and 2. getting a little sloppy.

I drew in his beard and realized I hated it. It wasn't the soft scruffy look he had in his photo at all, so I had to paint over it (hence why his face looks goofy in the photo, I promise it looks a little better in person!). After I goofed that up bad I had to paint his hands too which was where I got sloppy originally and messed my sketch up! Ahhh anyhow then I was clueless as to how to incorporate that paint background into my background. I tried to match colors the best I could and draw some kind of design, I think it came out okay but I wasn't completely satisfied.

Anyhow, Robert's Moly is done. It almost made me sad because I saw when I saved these files that the last portrait I drew, my own, was dated FEBRUARY. It's been WAY too long, no wonder I got rusty!

By the way, Tim's entry is amazing. I loved it and Robert's self portrait especially in this book! There are so many great works and Suzette's combination of their kids and each other was too cute as well. Where am I sending this book now? I know I got it out of rotation.

Please advise, Thanks!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Heidi's Moly

Tomorrow I'll be sending Heidi's Moly to Dana ;) Be prepared! :D

Monday, October 4, 2010

Suzette and Dana

Hy People I just sent an e-mail asking to Dana send his mail address to Suzette can send my book directly to Dana.
Thank you so much.

Our books so far... (10/10)

We've gotten some really beautiful new entries lately so I thought I would update this. It's pretty cool to see all the books together.

UPDATE: Added Dana's entry to Robert's book, 10/8/10

Moly on the way

I just sent Tim's Moly to Danica. it will be arrive on a week.