Saturday, December 6, 2008

Who to draw?

There appears to be a little confusion about who we draw in other people's molys. I was under the impression that we draw the person who the book belongs to and ourself. However, Amrita thought that we draw ourself and the person before us in line. Could someone clear this up for us. I have received Amy's moly from Amrita and would love to get started!

Thanks so much!


Amy said...

My understanding was that you draw yourself and the owner of the moly. That's why each moly has photos of the owner included.

Seemed pretty straightforward to me, but then I haven't received ANY molys for this exchange yet.

Amrita said...

Ah! I am such an idiot. Amy - I drew in your book and passed it on. I am also waiting to get other books but I will send my own book out soon. I am in the last two weeks before the semester ends.

Amy said...

Oh no, I'm not pointing any fingers at YOU, Amrita. You're not supposed to send books to me.
I'm supposed to be getting them from Tim, but haven't had anything yet.

ph said...

I did not know we must include the photo.. if someone wants my photo I can email it to them.