Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Yelnoc's Moly: My entree

Here's my first attempt at making an entree on Yelnoc's portrait moly...
My Entree in progress

My page in progress
I couldn't salvage the page. Tried white washing it but it wasn't really working so I cut the 2 panels and glued it back. Hope Robert forgives me.

I wanted to pick up from Robert's gaze and this is the solution I came up with...
Done as part of MolyX_international Exhancge and of MolyX_Portrait2

Here's Robert's self-p that I used as reference for this. Minus the bruises, that is..

Hope you like it Robert.


ph said...

The gold looks magnificent and it makes it look little bit like an icon!

sha said...

Thanks for showing all the progression shots. I just love to see how a person creates what they create. Such a beautiful addition.

Marty Harris said...