Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tims Moly

Hi guys,
just a quick note that Im done with Tims Moly and I will send it as soon as possible. I was in a rush for the last few weeks but I promise I ll post more :) I will try to post the image of the moly as soon as I get my scanner repaired.
Am I supposed to send the moly to Robert? I am a little bit confused with the rotation now.


EscapeHatch said...

Great news, Danica! I can't wait to see it.

And yes, since Suzette has left the group you'll be sending books to Robert for now. Contact him through flickr for his mailing address.

omar said...

Robert is the next to you. Contact him for his address and please ask him if he got your Moly. I don't know where Suzette send it.

Dana said...

Sorry for lack of participation on here lately, I have been S W A M P E D with work and being that it's just me it make it tough at times. I just got back from Nashville last week and should have some time this week to start on Heidi's book!

Danica, I can't wait to see your entry in Tim's!

Ramires said...

Nice to know the girls are back :-)
Dana did you see what I did in Robert's book. I hope you do not get bothered by my interference around your work. :-P

Dana said...

Yes Ramires! Sorry I meant to comment on it before, I actually thought I did... no worries my friend, it looks great!

EscapeHatch said...

Hey Danica,

Did you get this sent off to Robert yet? Do you have an image of your entry? Just curious as we seem to have gone a bit quiet in here.


Danica Jurkovicova said...

Hi guys,
time has been very busy for me recently, im really really sorry and Tim's Moly is still my hostage :/. I promise I'll send it this week, my scanner is fixed so I will add a picture too.
Robert is not finished with Dana's Moly, so I think I didn't create any lag in our group. I hope so.
Take care guys, I hope we'll get this started again

Yelnoc said...

I'm still working on Dana's moly. I expect to have it mailed this week. I've got Dana's portrait finished and am working on my portrait now. I'll let you all know when it's shipped.