Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sketching Nicole

I started working some ideas for Nicoles Moly... I really admire her work and it makes me feel very humble. So I got this idea to portrait her as a saint or a queen and I start doodling around, so this is one of the ideas I have.
I am quite creative this days and I would like to have a real moly in my hands. Heidi: why don't you send me Danicas moly? I promise I will finish it very fast (2 weeks)and I send you back again if you still have not finish it.(I am in Canada for the next 50 days)
08 Moleskine


Danica Jurkovicova said...

This is beautiful Omar, it reminds me of Mucha's paintings :)
I'm very disappointed with my book being always the last one stucked somewhere. I understand, that life can be very busy, but I have always tried to find some time to finish molies I have at home and send them further. But now, after year and a half that I joined MolyX, I have seen only 2 works in my molies (both, from 2 different groups!!!) and I feel no motivation to continue and to finish molies I have at home now :(

EscapeHatch said...

Very interesting sketch, Omar.

Danica, I understand your frustration. I believe Heidi has passed your book on to Nicole (can you confirm this, Nicole?). So, hopefully you will be seeing some entries soon.

NL said...

Hi. I don't have Omar's book yet but I'm sure it's in the mail.

What a beautiful drawing! I feel unworthy. :) Thank you.

Ramires said...

Great sketch Omar, sorry for my delay, I hope my painting don't mess your original idea. Abraços