Friday, October 28, 2011

Hi Guys,

I have been working in Nicole 's Moly the drawing is already done , now I working with ink. it is a little difficult to even try to top the previus entries. I think I will be ready in a week more.

On the other side some of my drawings were published in the Uppercase magazine , a great canadian pubblication. you can check it here

I also try to get a ticket to do a travel to paint in the middle east. It is a competition for german residents that you can win by votes. But the good think is that everybody can vote. Unfortunatly the text is in english but I explained in my post how to vote, check it here

About my life.. I am trying to seattle down in Berlin, what is kind of difficult since I still can't find a job. I keep painting everyday, and even a drawing will come in the cover of a magazine next month.

I thank you very much if you can vote for me.

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Dana said...

I actually just got Omar's book back in the mail... is Nichole's address her home address? This has happened to me once before, shipping UPS to Tim via a P.O. box... Please advise.