Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Stand 13 March 2012

Hi guys, Again I move again to Berlin. so if anybody want to send me something plase ask me my new address.
I did a new stand but I have to say I don't think is quite right. Our communication lately is very bad. I miss the interaction we use to have.
But we are almost finish!
Any way please confirm where the Molys are?
Is Tim's Moly by Nicole?
Is Omar's Moly by Tim?
Did Robert get back his Moly?
Did Heidi get back her Moly?
Did Dana get back her Moly?
How is the work on Nicole moly going?


Yelnoc said...

Omar, thanks for your work on this. I did receive my moly a couple months ago.

omar said...

good to know

Danica Jurkovicova said...

Nicole's moly is still with me, im very sorry that it is taking me so long. You all know that I usually make an entry as soon as possible. Life has been very bussy for me, i'm working on many projects and in a month I will participate on an exhibition about city interventions in Bratislava, so I'm finishing my entry.
It's not an excuse, i will finish nicole's moly very soon !:) I just need a little more time than usually.

Tim Clary said...

Hi gang,

I still have Danica’s moly. I’ve been traveling a lot lately and haven’t been able to get to it unfortunately. I’ll be back home next week and will do my best to finish it up then. Nicole had mine and Omar’s last I checked, but she may have sent them on by now as well.