Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Official Withdrawal Post

So, judging by comments in the last few posts, some of us are basically not content to keep going at the current pace or have too much else going on to fit in exchange art.

I'm making this post to formally withdraw from the exchange.
If anyone here wishes to also pull out, go ahead and post a comment here so at least we have a roll call in one place.
That way, the people who wish to remain and work at a leisurely pace can do so without being pressured to rush their art for the sake of the faster artists.

Whomever has my book (Tiffany?), could they return it to me at their convenience and don't send it along to the next person. My email is in my profile if you need to contact me for an address.


ph said...

I want to leave the group too. After reading the comments to the previous post it seems only 4 or 5 people are still active in the group. I think that is too few. I have now e-mailed Katina in Canada and have asked her to return my sketchbook. Hopefully the next time it will work out better!

miss k said...

Ph. I have drawn in your journal, but I haven't sent it out because I thought you where going to post some photos on your flickr account... or on here seeing that you hadn't sent any.

Let me know.


Amy said...

miss k - there's a URL written on the pocket at the back of the book - that url has some photos of me on my own server.
The url is here:

Thanks for piping up! So my involvement with this exchange will end with you. Drop me an email(it's in my blogger profile) and I'll give you my return address.

Tiffany said...

Amy, I do have your book and I will return it to you this week.

miss k said...

Hello everyone,

Even are having problems. I think that we just need to have a bit of patience on this. I know I have been very busy, and things that I couldn't have predicted have come up.

But if PH and Amy and whomever else want to end this project, then I guess it is what it is.

Amy said...

miss K - Just to make it clear, I have NEVER said I want to 'kill' this exchange outright.
The portrait exchanges have at least a dozen people in them, it can still happily continue if one or two of us drop out.

Those who wish to continue, please carry on.

miss k said...

I apologize Amy, my misunderstanding.

ph said...

ok then again I might not need my book back! I will try some more patient attitude. Its only a sketch book after all. We can be teh swamp group, like lkJ said in the previous post.

jen hook said...

Well, I was a bit worried after people didn't seem to know what they were supposed to do in each book. so didn't send my book out.
I think I'll pull out As well.
I currently have no books and have not cent out mine. If any show up I will contact the owner - see what they want done and then send it whereever they wish.

Andrea said...

I am going to withdrawl, Suzette would you mind mailing my book back?

Sorry everyone.


sha said...

I'm still in. Just contacted Tim to see if he's still in and to mail my book to him. I'm 1/2 done with Linda's book and will be ready to pass that on within a week.

I will post a progression shot and a full shot of my book in a few minutes.

LKJ said...

I'm still in, regardless of whether we decide to go fast or slow! I sent my book off in November and have not yet received any books. But as I mentioned in my post, that's OK, I'm in no hurry!

Amrita said...

I am just trying to get a list in my head together since I have not sent my moleskine out yet. Who is in charge of the site? Maybe we can delete the links on the left so those of us who are in can figure out whom to send their molys to?

Tiffany said...

I don't think anyone is officially in charge. I had helped get things set up on the blog, but didn't intend on leading the group. Is anyone wanting to take charge? Also, I am by no means speedy, so I am content with taking our time with the group, and will continue to participate. I am sending Amy's moly back to her this weekend and will just need to then send mine on to whomever will be next in line.

Yelnoc said...

I'm still in. I like the leisurely pace. I, too, haven't yet received a moly from anyone.

ph said...

I edited the rotation list to the right (removed Amy, Andrea and jen hook).