Saturday, December 12, 2009

Linda's Moly resurfaces!

Linda's moly finally turned up after spending about 3 and a half months lost in the wilderness of the USPS. I added the following entry inspired by the sketchbooks of James Jean, one of my favorite artists. He's got an amazing new book of sketches out, Process Recess 3:The Hallowed Seam and I just got my copy.

UPDATE (1/1/10): I added some more background noise to this entry and sent it back to Linda and it seems to have made it home safe and sound (feel free to bug her to get back in this group ;-)

I also started working on Heidi's moly (still need to add my self-portrait) and here's what it looks like so far:


LKJ said...

Hi Tim, I LOVE what you've done! I am soooo happy that my moly turned up and that you have done such a wonderful drawing in it!!! I can't wait to get it and see it in person! Thanks so much!

Suzette said...

That looks awesome!

Ramires said...

Lovely works