Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Robert's Moly finished and ready to fly!

Spent the last few nights working on Robert's moly (don't worry Heidi, I'll get back to yours soon!) and it's all finished and ready to go...but to who? (Tiffany, are you still in? I don't remember seeing anything from you on the blog.) If I don't hear from Tiffany I think I'll send this on to Suzette, I know she's been moly-less for a long time now.

I thought I'd try a different technique with this one and have always loved France Belleville's drawings. So, this is my Ode to France. I'm not really happy with Robert's portrait...I think I screwed up the proportions in the underlying drawing and was well into the crosshatching before I realized it. Mine came out a bit better but the sunglasses hide the toughest parts.

Fun fact: In the photos I worked from Robert is standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon and in mine I'm on a mountain opposite Breckenridge, CO.


Suzette said...

I'm so excited to see all these wonderful new portraits!

EscapeHatch said...

Heu Suzette! Tiffany's dropping out, so this one is coming to you next! Shoot me your address through flickrmail and I'll get it out to you ASAP.

EscapeHatch said...
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