Friday, January 22, 2010

Hello group!

Hi everyone!

My name is Dana Bower and I am very excited to be joining your MolyX group! I've been interested in MolyX for awhile now after seeing entries in books tagged and displayed throughout fickr but was never in a position to really dive into one myself.

I am a recent college graduate from Bowling Green State University. I received my Bachelor's of Science in Technology in August, my major was Visual Commication Technology. After graduating, I began doing graphic design work under my own company (which is still developing along nicely!) and I just turned 22 years old yesterday! I've been wanting to do traditional work now more than ever as I have gotten away from it a bit throughout college. I figured now is the time, and I hope to grow enough so that I can incorporate illustration into my company's business plan.

I look forward to learning more about everyone and learning what MolyX is really all about!

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