Wednesday, September 29, 2010

comments and post notifications

hi everyone, just a question about our communication problems.
is everyone getting a email when somebody post or comment a post? (this are two diferent settings)
I ask that because I noticed 4 months ago that my email by the comments notification list was wrong. Since I was new by blogging, didn´t know I should get a notification also by comments so I just noticed the problem later and corrected.
Maybe others could have had the same problem or the mail in the list is one that you don´t frequently check and prefer to change it.
there was also one email address from somebody I didn't know (in the comment list) Melissa? maybe somebody that drop from the group before?
I don´t know everybodys mail (some were easy to guess) since I ussually comunicate by flickr.

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Ramires said...

I have no problems.