Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hi people

Dear friends, I'm a little worried about our group. 
I'm not asking to everyone has the same enthusiasm for the beautiful new things  have appeared here, but we made a commitment to accept the rules of the project.  

I would like to reinforce this by asking that always make posts telling everyone what is happening with the books.
1) You just got someone's book, post here!
 2) You just mailed someone's book out, post here! 
3) You have kept the book longer than a month but plan to work on it as soon as possible and mail it out, post heret!
4) You no longer have time and need to leave the group but have someone's book?, Contact the next artist, get their address, mail it out, post here! 
5) You were sick, on vacation, work stressing you out but want to continue with the group but have not been able to work on books but you have them, post here!

Also I will repeat one part of the first post made on this Blog about the rules of Moly_X with which we all agree:
The concept:

2. Each artist gets 1 month to make a sketchbook entry.

3. Please communicate regularly via email. Let each person know that you have received/sent the book. The goal is to have a dialogue. Any comments and questions are welcome.

Unfortunately we had a lot of this subject here and it was already foreshadow the end of other groups.Please feel free to disagree, call me boring, but write something for us to know that we are all "alive" in the project.

What do you think?


heiDi said...

Sorry everybody!!!!
i've been busy moving settling...etc!
I still have Suzutte's moly! i am half way done!!!! Sorry I will post something soon :/

omar said...

I am worried that the books starts accumulating in one area while others have not books to work with. I think getting more than two books at a time creates stress and delays the hole group. Too many books ended by Suzette, and she couldn´t handle it. The same will happend with Robert soon. He should have 2 books (he has confirmed 1) and there other 3 could follow soon. Robert we expect to hear your opinion about it.
But at the same time if somebody in the Group doesn´t have any Moly for a long time, should also write and say that he wants one to work with.

Dana said...

Just an update on where I am at with Robert's book... I worked on the background and trying to transition Suzette's entry into my own (I think that part is finished). I have yet to do my portrait so that is really all I'm waiting on until I post the final picture, and send it on. :)

omar said...

To reasume the situation:
where should go the 2 books Suzette is working when she finishes?
where should go heidi´s book (it is finished still By Danica wainting for an answer)

by the way I also want to clear definitly if pepparminta is still part of the group? I guess no.

Danica Jurkovicova said...

I think it's important to stick to the rules. Everyone has ONE MONTH to complete his entry, and I think that's a lot of time! In fact it's a matter of few DAYS to finish such a small drawing. But of course moly x is not the only important thing in our lives.
I advise that when anyone has the book for more than a month and he hasn't even started with the drawing and he has lot of work or whatever - simply send the book to the next person, without your entry. The book can return to you in the end - without slowing the group.
I think we should avoid that the book stays on one place for more then a month because as Omar said - the books start accumulating and while someone has 3-4 books in his place the other ones have nothing and have to wait for some book to work in for 2-3 months.

Ramires said...

Hi HeiDi, nice to see you here again :-)) I hope you can soon have a good time drawing in the book of Suzette. Please keep in touch.
Omar, I Agree with you. I also prefer a more balanced pace. Recently I received three books together and had to be pretty quick and certainly did not do the best we could have done them all.
Dana, nice to know, I hope you can finish Robert's book as soon as possible.
Danica, I agree with you, and I like to work fast, but also understand that each person has his own pace, though I think a month is a very good time because we do not need to make masterpieces. and I like to work fast, but also understand that each person has his own pace, though I think a month is a very good time because we do not need to make masterpieces. The most important thing is to keep communicating.
Tim, Robert, Suzette, Peppermynta what do you think?

EscapeHatch said...

I think it's safe to assume pepparmynta is out. I'll give it her a week to comment here otherwise I will remove her from the rotation in the sidebar.

As far as books stacking up...we should try to avoid one person having more than 2 at a time. So, unless Suzette or Robert says otherwise, let's skip them until they've sent out a book and are ready or another. So, I suggest that Danica send Heidi's book on to Dana. Suzette could send one to Heidi and one to me, I suppose. But let's figure that out when necessary.

Ramires said...

Great Tim, I think It's a nice idea. For me, we could keep it as a rule.
I would like to read the Robert's, Suzette's and maybe Peppermynta's opinion about this.
Lets try to have one post with comments and ideas from everybody. Abraços

omar said...

I guess from the books Suzette have, Suzete should send Danicas Moly to you Tim. That book is the one with less entries in the group.That will allows Ramires and me to have a book to work with in the next months.

Yelnoc said...

Good grief! You folks act like this is a job!

I'm drawing.

I have Omar and Dana's books. I'm working on them in that order. I'm half-way done with Omar's portrait but haven't started my portrait in his book. I haven't started Dana's book yet.

Ramires said...

Hello Robert, I understand your discomfort, but punctuality and commitment are important even in a walk on the beach and have someone waiting for me. When it involves art and objects of other people think it becomes a bit more serious.
If we accept a particular rule to enter into the project I believe it should only be changed if the whole group agrees.
Hope you have a great time designing these books. Sorry for my poor English

EscapeHatch said...

I decided to go ahead and remove pepparmynta today. She hasn't participated at all since we reinvigorated the group back in January.