Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dana’s moly...complete!?!?!

With the addition of Nicole’s awesome entry, Dana’s book has now reached everyone in the group! It's been to 5 countries, 4 different states and crossed the Atlantic twice! Amazing! (Click to see it MUCH bigger.)

However, by my estimation there's still about 10 blank pages left over. I guess I’m wondering what everyone would like to do now that many of our books are nearing “completion”? We could leave them as they stand and get them back to their owners, or we could recruit some new folks to try to fill every page...we could even send them around to the current members for a second round (maybe not portraits for the second round?). What do you guys think? Dana should definitely get to decide what to do with her book next but I thought it might be good to talk over some options.


Dana said...

I am not sure what to do. I don't really want to leave 10 (or any) blank pages.

How did mine go through everyone so fast? It's incredible.

Ramires said...

Very good, this book and the book by Robert exposed in Minneapolis are a good example of how things could and should go into the MolyX.
In my case, when my book has gone through all I'd like to have him back there and I want to send some people to help me close it.
Congratulations Dana
Congratulations everyone. This book is very beautiful

NL said...

Whatever you'd like.

EscapeHatch said...

OK, I think the issue is that every artist we add tacks on another book and everything that goes with it (a year or more of work for the whole group, the risk of losing a book in the mail, and/or someone falling off the map).

I've tried to be pretty selective in who I invite to the party since the original group flamed out. So far, it's worked pretty well. But obviously, each additional person adds more risk of a book failing somewhere along the line.

Judging from Dana's book we'd need to add 3-4 more artists to guarantee that each book would be filled. I'm sure I could find 4 more reliable folks (maybe from Julia Kay's Portrait group?) with a little effort. The question is would the group want me to do that? It would be best to add people ASAP since Nicole just joined us, we could have a few new books starting up all at once.

Ramires solution of working with friends or whoever outside of the group to finish it off is a good one as well.


EscapeHatch said...

Could everybody please check in here and voice their opinion on the above comments.

We've got some great momentum going in the group at the moment, so let's keep it up. Communication is key to our success.

Thanks again for all of your efforts. I'm really proud to be a part of this amazing project!

omar said...

I agreed with Ramires. I will ask other people from other exchanges in similar situation. I prefer to avoid adding more people to our group.

Yelnoc said...

I agree. Adding additional people seems a bit dangerous. If the decision is made to add others, maybe we could do as suggested by Ramires and keep it to someone who we know is tried and true.

Dana said...

Yes, we should find someone interested in making an extra entry to help us out and offer to return the favor. I don't want blank pages, but I also don't want to risk loosing it!

EscapeHatch said...

It sounds like we’ve got a decent consensus. When the book is finished with the current rotation it goes back to the owner and they can take it from there.

It would be great if people continue to upload any entries they do get to the blog though.

So, Nicole why don't you send Dana’s book back to her.

Thanks gang.

NL said...

Okie dokie