Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Status report?

So, this is how I like to try and keep track of things in the group. As you can see it’s getting a little hard to tell what’s going on. Can everyone please, please check in on this post and let everyone know which books you have and if you’re making any progress? I know we all have busy lives but this project is important to all of us and it would be great if we could get some of the stalled books moving again. Thanks gang!


Danica Jurkovicova said...

I have no moly and I have no idea where mine is :)

Dana said...

I've been floored. Got a puppy for my birthday and about 20 new clients since I've moved... doing A LOT and sketching when I can. I have Heidi's book which is almost done... and Omar's that I have yet to start. I JUST got my finished book last week. Here's my goal - finish and send Heidi's on next week and hope to have Omar's done and mailed in mid April.

Sorry for my absence lately - I do read the emails and check up on everyone's posts - I've just been extremely busy with a lot of things... including the launch of my company's website: http://www.danazyne.com

Ramires said...

Hi my dear friends.
After Robert's book I had no books in my hands, since november 2010.
Were is Heidi?
I get a little annoyed, because we should not depend on the appeal of other group members to comply with the rules that we accept.
In terms of artistic result, we can do an amazing job.
In the first exhibition of the project that has 80 groups we had a book among the 20 selected books, Robert's more precisely.
Students, artists and designers here have in their curriculum an exhibition of an international collaborative art project .
I do not know about everyone here, but for me this is very important.
We can not give up or lose heart.
Thank you all for your excellent work in my book :-))

EscapeHatch said...

Thanks for checking in folks.

Danica, I think both your moly and mine are with Heidi. Heidi, is that right?

Dana, congrats on the website launch. It looks great! And congrats on getting your book back safely, that's gotta be an exciting piece of mail to open!

Claudio, hopefully you'll have a new book to work in soon, it's on its way!

Yelnoc said...

I have Claudio's book and will be starting it shortly. I just got my idea (finally!).

Yelnoc said...

I was just looking at the chart and it shows Tim's Moly completed but not sent. I sent this to Heidi quite a while back. I'm thinking a day or so after I posted the picture of it (Feb 18th or 19th, maybe the 21st at the latest).

EscapeHatch said...

Aw crap...I hope it got there! Heidi?

heiDi said...

I am sorry everyone. I was either traveling (did not have my laptop :/) or super busy past months. I came home yesterday and finally opened the package robert just right now. I have Danica's and Tim's molys so far! I will pass this along asap :(

Yelnoc said...

Thanks, Heidi! Glad you got the package!

EscapeHatch said...

Whew. All the books are accounted for then. Thanks everybody.

Ramires said...

Hi Robert nice to know about you, I'm looking forward to see your work in my book. :-0