Thursday, April 7, 2011

In Germany

Hi Guys,

In my way to Canada I'm spending 1 week in Germany. I am doing some drawings of the ballet company of the Staatstheater in Hanover.
I'm getting a little bored without a book. I had already done an sketch for Danica's Molly... I waiting for months for that book.... I would love to do it in acrylic again... it is a surealistic image...and I really happy with the idea. ...I will start thinking in Nicole's book as soon as I arrive in Canada. Hey, Nicole! maybe I can meet you when I'm in Canada.
Anybody knows when we get Roberts book back from the exhibition?


Ramires said...

Nice to know about you my friend.
Tim sent Nicole's book to me, but it doesn't arrive yet.

I do not know what is happening here.
I begin to feel disappointed with the silence and indifference of some people.
I hoped that the exhibition in Minneapolis motivate some people and that this blog had more activity and communication.
I've said too much here, and even I'm tired of my boring speech.
I deeply appreciate molyX and some people here who dedicate their time and talent, but start thinking about suggesting a structural review in this group, I prefer a small group of people who respect each other than the utopia of a large and Robert's Book, I think Robert needs to say what he wants .

EscapeHatch said...

Any sign of Nicole's book yet? I mailed it over a month ago...consider me nervous.

I'm also a bit discouraged with the pace of the group. Can those folks with books please make an effort to finish them by the end of the month? Just sit down with them for an hour this week and you'll be surprised how much you can accomplish!

Danica Jurkovicova said...

yay, I would love to see that sketch, Omar :) I cant wait to see some finished drawings in my book, i know there are just few of them.

I'm sorry for my absence in this group, but I am finishing my bachelor's year. Since I have no book, I am happy that I'm not causing any delay here :)