Sunday, April 24, 2011


Hi guys, I start sketching some ideas for the portrait of Nicole. I still don't have the book, but I prefer to think now before I get the book, that way I will win some time. At the same time is a way to avoid feeling detach from the Molly exchange. Drawing Nicole is not an easy task. I found a lot of wedding fotos where she looks wonderful, but to fit in the book I have to invent another story. The diffcult part with this portrait exchange is the selfportrait, you get tired with the time. I guess I will try to hide myself in the picture and people should find me.
By the way I would like to ask if Heidi could you send me Danicas Molly? I know that I am the last in the row. But I will like to finish my last portrait. I have done many months ago a beautiful sketch of our portraits and I will like to do it in the Moleskine before I get more complicate in my life again. I promise to the group be fast a give to the next one inmeadiatly. What you say?


Danica Jurkovicova said...

Thank you Omar for the chart, I hope our group is still alive eventhough it s a little quiet at this time :) Im okay with the change in order that you advise. Anyhing that will help the group to start sending molys again is OK for me.

Ramires said...

Great Omar