Thursday, August 25, 2011



Sorry I've been MIA since my move but Danazyne picked up some kind of crazy all of a sudden. I'm launching 4 or 5 new websites for clients within the next two to three weeks. Anyone who wants to receive updates on my company, please do sign up here: Signing up with your email gets you on the email list, signing up with your address as well gets you on my holiday card and fun stuff snail mail list :D

The good news is I've FINALLY gotten my boyfriend to put my desk together last night (sad considering I moved into this place in July but finally I can sit down to draw using a hard surface other than a book on my lap (our kitchen is so small we actually don't even have a table). I have Omar's book - planning on sending it out sometime next week.

Thanks for being patient, sorry if I made anyone mad but man I've been working some crazy hours! Thanks guys.


omar said...

hi Dana , did you send my book to the next person ? who should be Nicole?

EscapeHatch said...

Hey Dana...this post was made over a month ago...have you finished Omar's book? Have you sent it? If not, please just send it on. The delays in this group are getting to be unacceptable at this point.

Dana said...

it's done. where does it go?