Friday, September 2, 2011

Ramires Book

Dear Robert, when you finish, please send my book directly to me, I'll send my postal address by e-mail.
Thank you so much.


EscapeHatch said...

Does this mean you're bailing out of our group? So sorry to hear that, if true...but I completely understand.

For the rest of you, consider this one more plea to please, PLEASE finish the book(s) you have and pass them on.

Ramires said...

Dear Tim, I'll do my entry in Omar and Danica's book, and will think about a second round with active members.

Ramires said...

Tim I ask to Robert to send my book to you.
It's ok?

EscapeHatch said...


I sent Robert a message via Facebook, so hopefully he will be sending your book my way soon.