Friday, September 16, 2011

In Berlin

Hi Guys, So I am in Berlin and finally got an address. I sent that to Ramires to get Nicole's Book. I will also would like to work on Danica's book as soon as possible. I can believe that this book is so late. Heidi, do you have still Danica's book? or did you send it to Nicole?


Ramires said...

Good, I'll send it next monday.
I'm waiting for Danica's and Omar book too. When I work in these books I'll finish my first round in the group.

Danica Jurkovicova said...

Hello guys! I hope you are all doing fine! Ramires I'm sorry that you lost trust in our group and want your book back.
That's why I would like Heidi to send my book to Nicole, so the book could continue in the rotation. I think we need to see some results and to see that the books are moving again or everyone will lost interest in these project. I can't believe I haven't seen any book since DECEMBER!

Ramires said...
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Ramires said...

Danica, it is important to understand that I did not lose confidence in the whole group. I am very grateful for those who worked in my book, but do not have much patience to see the books still for long in the same places because of the same excuses, we all have our professional jobs, our families, our studies, but also all read the rules the group before we accept it. I want to do my entry in your and Omar's book and the books. This way I do my part with you all.