Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Let' get this portrait party started!

You will need a moleskine book. A lot of people in moly_x_portrait1 are using the same Japanese fold pocket Moleskine that we use for the other exchanges. People like that the images mix and mingle. I used a standard moly for the portrait project, hoping that someday I will have all 100 pages filled with portraits and self-portraits.

You will need to get the address of the person you are going to send to. Artists in moly_x_portrait1 placed photos of themselves on their own sites available only to their "friends". I uploaded a dozen pictures of me for my group's reference. I will probably upload more to add some variety.

If you want to change the order from the list on the blog, feel free. Now all you have to say is "ready, set, go!"

It''ll be great.

STILL LOOKING FOR 5 MORE MEMBERS TO COMPLETE THE GROUP. 15 artists, two pages per artist will fill a Japanese fold pocket Moleskine perfectly.


wrr said...

Hi Marty and everyone. I'm new here. I just wanted to inquire about the route schedule. So I am to send to the person whose name appears below mine and the person whose name appears before mine will do the same? I can't work on mine until the 20th of October. Final exam weeks are upon me and so I won't have time to work on this until the 20th. I hope that's all right. (:-|)

Tiffany said...

Winnie, I believe that is right. I made a rotation schedule on the right to reflect that; however, we'll have to update it once we get our last five people.

LKJ said...

Wow, what a great idea! I'd love to join moly_x_portrait2.


miss k said...

Ok. I am really excited about the project. I am still in the mists of trying to find the book but I know of a specific book store that has it. It is just half way across town!

Sorry if I have been slacking on this guys! I will have my book done by the weekend!

Katina Schell

Amy said...

So.. do we have enough now? Are we starting? I know some people are still getting their books, but we could set a rough deadline of end of Oct for people to get their books, do their first entry and get it onto the next person. A month is usually the working period, right?

People have started to write to each other to get mailing addresses, that's all, so I just wondered if those of us ready can get started.