Monday, February 1, 2010

Nice to meet You !

Hi friends from MolyXportrait2
My name is Claudio Ramires, I was born in southern Brasil (Rio Grande do Sul on the Pampas region) but I live in São Paulo, the largest, exciting and chaotic city in South America.
I worked many years as an illustrator, art director and graphic designer, currently divide my time between painting and planing  virtual interfaces for Internet, television and mobile devices in a big company ...
In painting I have been passionately devoted to Acrylics, "the most rebellious of paintings" :-)
I'm participating in other 3 Moleskine Exchanges groups (34, 54 and Portrait4).
I love this project, it has helped me to grow as an artist, to expand my world view and to make new friends in many places, I think we're there to have fun, but "to fun it's a serious subject" :-)
I'm waiting impatiently for a new moleskine order from Amazon to work here...
It will be a great pleasure to interact with so many talented people that I've seen here. Thank you all.
My Flickr and my Blog  . (sorry for my English :-P) The image here shows some self portraits fragments traveling around the world on board of little black books


omar said...

hi Claudio, I have seen your work, and is amazing. Not only your drawings skills but also the creativity. I'm looking forward to get your Moly.

Ramires said...

Thanks a Lot Omar, I love your art too, we have a strong group of talented people here,Um abraço do Brasil

Suzette said...

Welcome, Claudio! I enjoyed looking through your flickr photos. . . Beautiful work!

Ramires said...

Thank you so much Suzette, we can make a beautiful exchange.