Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Just got my Moly, and I must say I am impressed with how small it actually is! I haven't used a Japanese Moleskine before but I am already in love with it...

I'll be sure to update with some progress as I work on my self portrait, while you all are waiting here is a photo of me to spark some ideas:

Dana Bower

There are a couple others on my Flickr page and I will include some with my book as well. I'm pretty excited to start my entry!


Ramires said...

Dana, you will love to use the "jap fold", you can explore horizontal or vertical orientation and it's fantastic. See here:
I love the paper quality too. Good Lucky and have a nice Self portrait.

EscapeHatch said...

Great pic, Dana. Also, your blog is awesome...keep bringing the design happyness!

Dana said...

Yes Ramires I can already tell these books will be fun! And thank for the compliments on the blog, Tim!

omar said...

I was also surprize of the size, but it is full of possibilities!