Monday, February 1, 2010

work in progress

I worked on the weekend on my self protrait. I make some images of the process. You can check them on my flickr. I realized that I made a mistake: I started onthe 3rd and 4th page instead of the 1st and 2nd. I have to think what to do with them.
By the way what information should come in the Moleskine?
The other question I have is which Moleskine would I become next?


EscapeHatch said...

Looking good Omar.

You could make your first couple of pages into a sign-in page. Or just extend your landscape background over them. Up to you.

You'll be getting your molies from Ramires, who just joined the group.

As far as any info to include in the book itself...make sure to include your mailing address. Other than that you can include some photos for people to work from or just post some on the internet somewhere.

Ramires said...

Hi Omar, nice draw...
I'm waiting for a new Moleskine from
I'll inform you all about that, and whe I finish my self portrait I post here.
I'm so excited to make a part of this party :-)

Danica Jurkovicova said...

wonderful! :) You know, you remind me of Keanu Reeves a bit? :D

Suzette said...

Very nice! I'm excited to see all these molys! We have been renewed as a group!