Saturday, May 29, 2010

arrived in Abu Dhabi

hello everybody!

It is almost a week I´m here. it is a diferent place and I stil have to adjust myself. Th only bad news is that Flickr is blocked in UAE so if you were wondering why I wasn´t posting anything in Flickr that is the reason.
That means that I have two problems regarding moly exchange..
1.-I can respond any flickr mail (but I can read if u write me)
2.-I can see any pictures you have there for the portraits.

that is not something that can't be solve but I think u should be aware of it. I´m trying in the meantime to download some add ons for mozilla firefox to avoid the censorship of the site. but I still haven´t find anything. If someone can write to flickr and ask if the know a solution would be very gratefull.

I keep following the news from our blog.Have a nice day everybody!


Danica Jurkovicova said...

I need to say, that i will be having similar problems in July...I'm going to Spain for one month, to participate in a multicultural art project in Tarragona. I will definitelly finish Ramires's book by the end of june and send it to Suzzete. The problem is, that i guess, it will be beter to skip me for one round, and when Omar finishes his new book he will send it directly to

omar said...

I still have not got any book. so there is nothing I could send you for a while. In case I get something and finished before July I will send to Suzzete, but I will ask you before if I would send you after June. In case i don´t got answer I will send it to Suzzete