Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dana's moly - finished?

So, I threw some ink at Dana's book tonight and am reasonably happy with it.

I dig how we look like some kind of oddball buddy team like Mulder and Scully or something.

However, I'm debating whether to add anything into the background. I was thinking of continuing the background color she used in her opening portrait somehow. I made a couple quick mockups in photoshop and would love to hear your thoughts:

I like this last one but I'm not sure if I could pull it off in the book without trashing the sketch. I'll probably just leave it alone...unless you all talk me into it!


Dana said...

wow I love it! We look like a comic book detective duo or something!

I do like the second one of your photoshoped concepts if you choose to add colors :)

EscapeHatch said...

Thanks Dana! Let's go interrogate some suspects! You're the "good" cop obviously.

I like the color idea as I will provide a link to your first image and give the next person something to work with but I'm definitely worried about mucking it up. How do you feel about muck in your book?

Ramires said...

Very coll, great line work.
I agree with Dana, the second with the diagonal line is the better composition in my opinion, but the pure draw (without colors) is very nice too.

EscapeHatch said...

Sent! This book, along with mine are headed your way Ramires. Please let me know when they arrive.

I added the purple stripe ala last photo but didn't get a chance to rescan it before it went out. HAve fun with it!

Dana said...

oh yay! :) i did very much like the purple.

i cannot wait to get another book now! i think maybe this weekend and next week i will try and find some time to take some more creative reference photos!