Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just finished Ramires Moly

Hi Í just finished today Ramires Moly..I usually don´t work so fast , but I had this idea for a long time. I even made some sketches before becomming the Moli (then I lost the sketches ) Anyway I had a clear idea what I wanted to do. Plus I was inform today that I have to travel to Abu Dhabi to work there for 2 months.. I have to leave next week. so I worked quite fast and fineshed the Moly cause I want to send the MolY to Danica before leaving Catania. So I going to havea new address for the next two months. I hope it is not a problem in order to be still part of the MolY group. the only thing is that u should ask me first before sending the next Moly to Abu Dhabi cause I´m going to be there for just 2 months. (I think a package should arive in 3 weeks . the post service is more secure than in Italy). I will scan the Molly tomorrow from my office, I guess everybody want to see it.
Ah Ramires.. should I write my name somewhere?

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Ramires said...

Please Omar send me your address in Abu Dhabi, and please write your name.
I,m so curious to see your entry :-) will you post the image?
Thanks a lot