Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tim's book

So, I joined this group way back in October 2008, didn't contribute anything until March 2009 and never started my own book at all! I've had this moly since around that time and even had a rough sketch in it for at least a year. But for whatever reason I never got around to completing it. Ever since we got this group re-booted in January though I've wanted to give it another shot and finally pushed myself to do it this week.

I was inspired by Ramires' awesome paintings for some of the other moly_x groups to try this little painting. It's the first time I've used acrylics in one of these books and I'm pretty happy with the results. As you may or may not know I'm big-time skier...I raced in high-school and college and have been instructing and coaching for over 15 years so this portrait is me in my element.

I'm going to finish up Dana's moly this week and send both of these off to Ramires soon. Hope you're ready for 'em, Claudio!


Dana said...

Wow, so beautiful. I'm glad that I had the opportunity to join this group, it seems so alive right now! I cannot wait to get another book :)

Keep up the awesome entries, I am going to upload more reference photos of myself onto my Flickr sometime this weekend, I'll be sure to create a post with a link :)

omar said...

I'm happy too :-) tim, your portrait is really nice!
Dana, if u can make some photos with your hands close to your face, like thinking or remembering something, or fixing your hair, etc. Is easier that way for me to create a story arround a character..

Dana said...

haha oh no! now that I have an excuse to do a photoshoot or two I will jump at the opportunity! Good idea, most of my photos on Flickr now are plain except for the one Tim used. I will gladly take some more that give a little more of an idea of my personality :)

Ramires said...

My dear friend, I'm so happy to know I can inspire people so talented as you, and I agree with you about the results, I'm petty happy too, congrats, please send me yours and Dana's books when you whant :-)
Now I have Heidi's book but don't worry about.

Danica Jurkovicova said...

Im happy to say, that Omar's molly is now in an envelope and hopefully will be sent tomorrow to Suzette. Im looking forward to the new moly, which is on its way to me! YAY! :)
I presented my final studio work today, I hope I'll have more time now. In case you're wondering what i've done all days, check my behance (just click on my name in the artist column)

Ramires said...

I'm loving this strong pace at which this group is moving.
I also love the interaction between people and constant communication exchanging ideas, suggesting things ... This is the spirit. Thanks to you all.

EscapeHatch said...

Thanks everybody! I did a little work on the sign-in page for my book so it's nearly done. Will get to Dana's next and hopefully send them off by the end of the week.

I'm pretty excited about all the new work going on in our group, but there's still a few quiet members.

Suzette, did you ever send Robert's book on to Dana?

Robert, did you send Suzette's book on?

Pepparmynta, any idea where your book is? I tried to contact Katina (who I think was the last to have it) through flickrmail with no luck. Maybe you should start a new one if it doesn't turn up.

Suzette said...

I will hopefully be sending the two books i have tomorrow. Great job, Tim!!

EscapeHatch said...

Great news Suzette! Hopefully you can send Robert's book on to Dana and Danica's book to Robert. After that we can stick with the regular rotation. Cool?