Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chart 31 August

So I just wanted to updated the chart, with the molys finally arrivingto Danica and one already finished wow!
@Suzette: did you send robert's Moly to Dana and my Moly to Robert?

Today I decided to stay longer in the Emirates so Ramires can send me Tim´s Molly too!


Ramires said...

Very well done Omar.
I'm a little concerned about the flow of our group because in the chart is possible to imagine Suzette with accumulated many books.
Suzette, would you like the next books would be sent to Robert until you can finish these books?

Danica Jurkovicova said...

yes, Suzette please tell us if you can manage all those books or if I should send them to someone else.

Yelnoc said...

I'm game if you want to send to me.

omar said...

Danica, I think you should send this one to Robert, since Suzette has to many books. contact roberto via email for his address.