Friday, August 20, 2010

Omar's moly

Omar's moly is finally finished. Sorry this is taking me sooo long. I'm not quite so happy with my self portrait, but we can't always look as good as we want, can we? Hope everyone is doing fine. I'm in the middle of doing Ramires' moly and Danica's moly now. Robert's and Omar's will be moving along tomorrow.


EscapeHatch said...

Suzette! Wow, this looks great! And it's great to hear from you! Some of us were starting to get worried.

Please remember that Robert's book should go to Dana. All the rest can follow the normal rotation (i.e. to Robert next). Thanks!

omar said...

wow! i like the strokes! great!

Ramires said...

I love that, a great gift to Omar. Congratulations for you two.

omar said...

susette, don´t forget to write the moment yu send the Molys!