Monday, August 30, 2010

Dana's Moly

I've started to work on Dana's Moly. I think I'm gonna leave it just in pencil, but first I have to think about my self-portrait :) I realized that pink/purple is like the color of this Moly, every entry is in this color scheme. I will go with the flow and I'll follow this color!
As you can see I work really fast, because with such beautiful molys I have to put my hands on them immediately :D

In the end I wanted to create the atmosphere, that we are standing back-to-back with Dana ;) I drew myself softer than Dana's portrait, because she should be in the front getting most attention.
I hope you like it, because I really do :)




Dana said...

WOW you are fast! Looks good. I feel like my book is moving along so fast now :) almost every week it seems I have seen some kind of an addition!

omar said...

I looks like a storyboard as the haircut was the result of my previous entry, really nice, I looking forward to see how you finish your portrait!

omar said...

danica, you have to reduce the image size in the html I guess the maximum size is 400 pixel cause the hole picture doesn't appear.
(remember to change the height also in order to keep the proportions)

Ramires said...

Very Good

EscapeHatch said...

Nice one Danica!

Danica Jurkovicova said...

Thank you Omar, I'll take care of it next time.
Thank you guys!