Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer 2010 - Oh, how the time flies!

Hey gang! Summer has been flying along as of late and I've barely had time to make a mark on any of the projects I've got lined up (Thankfully, I don't have any molies for this group that I'm holding hostage).

Just this last weekend I went camping with several old friends from high school and attended our 15-year reunion (which was surprisingly fun!).

I did get a rare chance to draw with a willing student, Gabe, the son of one of my best friends, Mike Cerroni. Mike died tragically in a snow-mobile accident in 2006 so it was really amazing to spend some time with Gabe like this. He's an incredible kid (and he did an awesome portrait of me! Wish I'd taken a pic of it to share, bummer).

I've also been training for a triathlon coming up in September (my third, so far), and this year I finally broke down and bought a REAL road bike! No more getting passed by geezers and 12-year olds!

Hope everyone else is having a fun and productive summer! Looking forward to seeing some new work here soon.
UPDATE: Almost finished with my first commissioned painting! Pretty pleased with it:


Yelnoc said...

Which tri are you training for? I love triathlons. I just wish I could hold my place after the swim! (swimming is my strength.
Love the post of the horse! They're tough draw/paint.

EscapeHatch said...

Finger Lakes Tri in Canandaigua, NY (just the sprint length). Basically, I try not to drown in the swim, burn out my legs on the bike, and then just try to survive in the run!

Glad you like the horse, I'm pretty proud of it so far.