Friday, October 15, 2010

about me

i am pretty sure people are wondering what i do for my life!
since i am on this, i decided to write about myself :)

i am still in college ;-;
i go to school in detroit, michigan for art school!
currently, i am studying in industrial design aka product design.

here's my sketches:

i do this!

but i also draw :)

i should be on my way to graduate......
but i took an year long internship at GE, louisville, KY
so i sketch appliances...loL

i move alot.... hopefully i will end up in coool place :)

Sorry everyone for my lack of communications :/
for my next moly, i will try to reach my deadline! :)


Dana said...

Wow you are only in Detroit?

I live in Perrysburg, Ohio... only about an hour and a half away from you!

heiDi said...

lol i am now in louisville though :)