Saturday, October 16, 2010

chart october

A lot of movement in the last days. Danica got Tim's Moly,
Heidi sent her new address to Robert. so I guess my Moly will be on her way soon.
Heidi finished Suzette Moly .
Robert Moly is on her way to Ramires.
Dana got Heidi's Moly.
and Robert is working on Dana's


Ramires said...

Suzette do you have news about my book??

heiDi said...

who should i send suzette's moly to?

omar said...

heidi , you have to send the Moly to Dana

Dana said...

Yes I tried to message Heidi my address, the only way I could was via clicking on her photo through this blog, so I am thinking however you follow us, it probably went to that associated inbox.

I have a pretty good idea for Heidi's book already and will start this week! I should be fine to have another sent on the way. I only had Roberts so long because I had a week business trip to Vegas in between working on it.

Thanks group!

Yelnoc said...

I am working on Dana's. I had GRAND ideas for it and actually did two mock-up sketches based on Dali's Galatia of the Spheres but I just can't get my trial sketches to a point I'm happy with so I think I'll abandon the idea. I have to say, though, that I was more excited about that idea than I have been about any art project for a long time! Maybe I'll post my sketch. I tried to keep it moleskine size.

omar said...

hi Suzette, i checked the old post in the blog and you have got Danica Moly since february 22.
8 months already. I guess if you are not working on it better to give to the next person. The joy of the Moleskine exchange is also to see what people are doing on your Moly.and she still doesn't have any entry but from herself.

Danica Jurkovicova said...

Yes, Im a little bit sad about it. I totally miss this part of moly exchange...
But I'm patient :)