Friday, October 22, 2010

Roberts Moly

So , I'm ready. I had worked in the last days with Roberts portrait. As I wrote before I wanted to try acrylics. I was inspired by the nice works from Ramires and Tim.
I started painting a middle tone background and from them working the dark and light areas. I struggled with the tecnic but I 'm quite happy with the result. I was really surprice! I guess I made many mistakes by working but I learned a lot with them to. The good thing about acrylic is that you can always paint over it.
I left the painting to rest for a few days and then I make some corrections I found appropiate. (I watched on a mirror and also compare the photo with the drawing backwards) I draw myself with a golden caligraphic marker and made some skratches with a cutter to get Roberts beard.


Ramires said...

We have a Lucien Freud in the group :-))
Absolute beautiful. I love the rich palette, I love the layers construction (and the glazing too :-).
Awesome your self portrait as a skateboarder. I love the creative wheels... Congrats Omar
Robert you have your book in 3 countries around the world at the same time full of art. What do you think? :-)

Ramires said...

I'm very happy to see our blog full of movement :-)

EscapeHatch said...

This looks great, Omar! And I agree with Ramires, it's great to see so much new work on the blog lately.

Dana said...

Love it! I am pretty excited to start my next entry in Heidi's this week!