Saturday, October 16, 2010

The one that got away...

I had great expectations on Dana's moly.

I was going to change Dali's Galatea of the Spheres
to have Dana's portrait instead of Gala's. I worked on a sketch of this for some time and I just don't think it's going to come together. The "portrait" part of this sketch was just a really quick sketch to see if I could match things up to the spheres. I put enough effort into this and am not happy with the it that I think I'll focus on something different. The scanner didn't pick it up well since it was done with a 6B pencil (very light), but you can get the gist of it.


Ramires said...

Very good idea to do an "After Salvador Dali.
I guess the best way to do this is to make the complete portrait and then apply the structure of the spheres as a projection.
This helps to keep the correct proportions of the face and also helps decide the best place to put the ball.
It seems Dali did it privileging the structure of the eyes, nose and chin of Gala.
I do not want to intrude in the process, but I liked your idea and I love Dali too ;-))

EscapeHatch said...

Whoa! That looks pretty ambitious, and I can see why you might not want to keep after this concept.

Also, how's it coming with Omar's book? You posted that it was finished a couple weeks ago but I wasn't sure if it had gotten mailed yet.

Dana said...

WOW such an intense and creative idea! I think I would have been floored but it also would have taken a very long time to do that! I can't imagine how many mistakes I would have struggled with had I taken on so much in yours! Truly awesome.

Can't wait to see what you do end up doing!

Yelnoc said...

Omar's book was mailed to Heidi today. Yes... it took me a while to get it out the door.

EscapeHatch said...

Cool Robert. Were you able to get an image of your entry before it was mailed? I'm sure everyone would love to see it.