Thursday, October 2, 2008

All About Amy

Hello all! Yay, we're finally beginning!

Okay, introduction, let's see.
I'm a loud-mouthed Australian cartoonist and animator living in Portland OR with my Midwestern husband. I used to work at Disney's Sydney studio before we were shut down in the 2D purge. I loved my job there, but luckily I was able to springboard straight from Disney to comics with two graphic novels at Tokyopop and I'm currently prepping some possible work with Boom Studios. I also work freelance at LAIKA studios here in Portland, a town I adore (microbrew capital of America, what's an Aussie girl not to love??)
In my spare time I share fanart with the squealing fangirl hordes on deviantart, play Rock Band with friends, knit socks and collect vintage ephemera(old women's magazines a particular weakness).
I also produce the webcomic Thorn 3 times a week and you can find links to all my art dumps at my blog.

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