Monday, October 6, 2008

My page 1!

It was one of those days when I drew it. My default state is normally a lot more chipper ;)


Suzette said...

Great portrait, Amy! I'm really excited about what these are going to look like now.

heiDi said...

amazing! i am looking forward to this!
so questions!!!
for large sketchbook how many pages do i have to draw?
for japanese fold how many pages?
and do we have to put sign up sheet?!
on our moleskin?
so confused here :'(

Suzette said...

Since this is a portrait party and not the regular moleskine exchange, I believe that you only use one page per portrait for the large sketchbook. I'm not sure about the japanese style. But the first portrait party did large sketchbooks using a page for sign in and a page for your self portrait on the first go round, and the rest of the book continued as a page for the book owner's portrait and the opposite page for the receiver's self portrait.

Yelnoc said...

Nice work,Amy! Glad to see the wheels moving! I was taking self portraits last night trying to find one of my ugly mug that I wouldn't mind drawing.

Tiffany said...

Great self-portrait and very funny! I can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with.

ph said...

your portrait is very nice. I am excited to start Moleskine Exchange! My english is not very good but I like painting and drawing!
I have not written any presentation because I could not post on the blog. (I think I gave the wrong email address) anyways, I live in Sweden and I work as a mail sorter. My email address is mint.teabag at yahoo dot com. If you can see the link to my blog, im afraid the drawings in there are very scratchy! but I will work more on the Exchange so hopefully it will look nicer. /Pepparmynta

Andrea said...

great facial expression!

miss k said...

Great work! xo

sha said...

Love the potrait.