Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tim's Intro

Hey gang,

So, a little about myself, huh? I'm a part-time graphic designer/illustrator/web guy...I also teach skiing full-time in the winters, most recently managing the ski school at Hunter Mountain in the Catskills in southeast NY state.

I attended the School of Art & Design at Alfred University and really loved the drawing classes I did in my first 2 years there. I'm trying to recapture the enthusiasm I felt for art back that end I'm trying to draw everything and have been pushing myself in the last year or so to be more prolific. I've joined a open figure drawing group that meets every Monday night at Steve Carpenter's Studio here in Rochester, NY. That's been a great experience and I'm really seeing my chops come back.

Feel free to check out my latest drawings at my Flickr page, I also have a extremely infrequently updated blog that you can check out.

Looking forward to this project...I'm gonna order my moly from Amazon right now!

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