Friday, October 3, 2008

Intro - Jen

My name is Janice, I live in Melbourne Australia, Melbourne is down the bottom of Australia so it's not really 'outback' but I grew up in the outback so I can talks about Kangaroos and Koalas enough to impress the tourists.

By day I work as a production manager making toys and charity promotions, it's a semi creative job, so it keeps me interested and I work with great people so it's fun!

I'm an obsessive crafter, I bind books, sew, cook, embroider, dabble as a printmaker and paint and draw of course.

I like to stash work at my blog & Flickr and I'm also organising the Melbourne Sketchcrawl.

Illustrators I admire are people like Tim Biskup, portrait artists like Jean Pederson and journallers like Roz stendahl.

I hope to develop a series of work and dabble in artbook creation in the near future.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's work in the near future.


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