Monday, October 6, 2008

heiDi :-D

hello everyone
i guess we have to take turn to introduce

let see
mine is not as fancy as other ppl :'(

this is my first time involving moleskin exchange;
i am glad i can be part of moly_x_portrait 2

currently i am attending college for creative studies
in detroit, michigan
this is my second year studying Industrial/Product Design.

even my major is product design,
my high school portfolio was revolving
illustration and fine art
which led me here to where i am.

during my high school year,
ive been entering national scholastic art and writing
and received fairly many awards
and in my senior year
i was selected as national silver portfolio award

my nationality is korean
i wish i can add some asian spirit into our portraits :-D

i am so excited to start this!
go us ^-^

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jen hook said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your work!